Let’s protect the natural resources of tomorrow…today

Demand Side Instruments is an IoT solutions provider. We create agronomic tools & mobile apps to help manage resources and attempt to address the consequences of climate change.

Our motto

One obsession : Water.

Water is an essential resource, and its equitable management is one of the biggest challenges of our time. That is why Demand Side creates innovative solutions to allow simpler and more efficient use of water and natural resources. Farming consumes 70% of our water resources*, so it is naturally our primary focus. The secrets of nature and the knowledge of our farmers are unfailing sources of inspiration for our creativity and technological developments.

* Source

One ambition :

Give you a head start on nature thanks to our precision agricultural equipment, our weather forecast, and our decision-support tools !

Our Goals

To support our users with careful resource management

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Our lever : To raise awareness of the finite nature of our natural resources and our collective and economic interest in preserving them.

To convince others of the benefits of digital technology in modern farming

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Our lever : To reassure others about our ambitions. We believe in using technology as a means to supplement a user’s knowledge – not to replace them. To confirm our choices without ignoring the human factor in decisions.

To devise green technologies whose environmental impact is controlled and included in development

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Our lever : To get our R&D office thinking in order to offer low-carbon technology. We don’t push the problem to one side – we solve it !

Our Solutions


You are at the heart of your plots. Rainfall, wind, humidity, temperature, pH – we tell you about the weather conditions of each plot in real time thanks to a network of connected sensors.


The right place, the right time. Our solution allows you to remotely manage and operate your irrigation equipment over large areas, whether pre-existing or new.


Your farm’s ‘RAM’. Our systems gather secure data and allow you to access a history of weather conditions, irrigation actions and alerts.


Don’t worry – we’ll alert you. Our solution tells you about any anomaly which might be reported for your crops, at any time of the day or night, by SMS, call or notification. A way to respond quickly and get ahead of losses linked to frost, drought, leaks…

Outils d'aide à la décision


Increase the control of your parcel. Our decision support tools help you conduct your treatments and fertilization application thanks to the precise analysis of your soil and environment of your parcel. It is your ally to use the right amount of fertilizer at the right time and will make you earn time and money.


Your control panel. Online and on mobile, your platform is programmed based on your needs and your installation. The ergonomics, ease of use and modularity is tailored to your needs, where possible.

Our Assets

A personal, turnkey solution

We study your needs to rapidly install our equipment. We are committed to optimal equipment installation and maintenance.

and simplicity

Our solution manages all the main communication protocols on the market, allowing you to develop your installations based on your future needs, and to make it easier to add new sensors at a marginal cost.

Local technology with a global contribution

We promote proximity and the use of local solutions. Farmers all have unique problems based on their soil, crops, the aspects of their work they want to simplify. We contribute globally by expanding projects.

Long-range communication

We promote proximity and the use of local solutions. Farmers all have unique problems based on their soil, crops, the aspects of their work they want to simplify. We contribute globally by expanding projects.

Secure data

We protect your data thanks to our own cloud platform, Dandelion. This means: no loss of data, and privacy at every turn.

Our commitments to you and the Earth

In line with our environmental vision, we help you to consume more responsibly, sustainably and economically. We do everything we can to respect our commitments in terms of times and quality.

Nos Atouts

Une solution clé en main et individualisée

Nous étudions vos besoins pour une mise en œuvre rapide de nos équipements. L’installation et la maintenance du matériel fourni dans des conditions optimales font partie de notre engagement.

et simplicité

Notre solution prend en charge tous les principaux protocoles de communication du marché, pour vous permettre de faire évoluer vos installations en fonction de vos besoins futurs, et facilite l’intégration de nouveaux capteurs pour un coût marginal.

Une technologie locale à contribution globale

Les agriculteurs ont chacun des problématiques particulières en fonction de leurs sols, de leurs cultures, des aspects de leur travail qu’ils souhaitent simplifier. C’est en agissant au niveau local et en multipliant les projets que nous contribuons globalement.

Une communication longue portée

Nous pouvons couvrir de très longues distances ne disposant pas d’accès internet. Une forte valeur ajoutée pour les zones reculées.

La sécurisation de vos données

Nous protégeons vos données grâce à notre propre plateforme cloud, Dandelion. Cela signifie : aucune perte de données et une confidentialité à toutes épreuves.

Nos engagements

Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour respecter nos engagements en termes de délais et de qualité. Nous vous aidons également à continuer d’agir de manière responsable, durable et économique.

Interested in our solution?

To request a quote, a study or to contact us about a problem specific to your farm: Follow the link !

Some figures

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+ de 10

More than 10 types of smart device in our range to monitor your plots.



Water saved in farming in our different areas of action..



Savings which can be achieved by your agricultural equipment thanks to the ‘France Relance’ recovery plan subsidies

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