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At Demand Side Instruments, we are highly conscious of the finite nature of natural resources throughout the world and foster a change of paradigm based on energy savings. Being able to estimate our requirements and act accordingly by adjusting to limitations means preserving our future resources - today.
We think up and design bespoke innovative solutions to enable urban and rural ecosystems to adapt to climate change now and mitigate its effects by drawing on new information and communication technologies.


Our Solutions

We provide innovative solutions in aid-to-decision making, dedicated to the sober management and preservation of natural resources

Irrigation Control

Mastering Water

About 70% of all freshwater extraction is destined to be used for irrigation in agriculture.

Our innovative irrigation management solution focuses on a network of communicating objects collecting in field real time data and by using a dedicated web application, the farmer can (through the use of a smartphone, tablet or PC) implement an irrigation system of precision :

Remote control of any type of sprinkler
Creation and management of irrigation schedules
Configuration of simple alerts
Advanced analyses (weather monitoring, etc.)

Bringing water at the right moment, at the right place, during the right amount of time and achieve all of this whilst moving as little as possible.

Our advantages

  • ❯ Installation adaptable to existing equipment
  • ❯ Ease of integration of surface or in-earth sensors
  • ❯ Sensors and objects adapted to cost and energy consumption
  • ❯ Time saving
  • ❯ Up to 30% savings on water bills
Interface Gestion Irrigation

Controlling energetic and environmental performance

Mastering energy

Buildings or Edifices are the â„– 1 biggest consumers of energy (44% of total final energy) and producers of 24% of national carbon dioxide emissions.

We provide property managers (commercial, industrial, local authorities) hardware solutions and develop comprehensive web platform solutions dedicated to the measurement, monitoring, and analysis of energy consumption.

Collection and remote reading of energy data
Centralisation and data analyses
Control and maintenance from a distance
Client and aid-to-decision-making interface

Control energy to precise needs and reduce energy consumption whilst maintaining occupants’ comfort

Our advantages

  • ❯ Installation adaptable to existing equipment
  • ❯ Collection of all energy data
  • ❯ Visualisation on a global and site-specific scale
  • ❯ Advanced analyses (personalised appraisals)
  • ❯ Simple real-time alerts (overconsumption, malfunction and limit breaches)
  • ❯ Up to 30% savings on energy bills
Interface Gestion Irrigation


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